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How to build a homemade CNC woodworking machine

DIY homemade CNC woodworking router machine build

In this video you learn how to build a homemade CNC woodworking machine in your spare time.

The program author makes available a step by step process for making a homemade CNC woodworking machine with instant download first structions material and support.

If you're interested in the CNC machine then you'll know they can cost upwards of thousands of dollars for a quality machine.

Check out the full video and learn how you can build your own CNC woodworking machine

DIY homemade CNC woodworking router machine

DIY CNC Woodworking Machine-How To Make An Ultra Precise CNC Router+ Pla...

Build an Ultra Precise CNC Woodworking Machine at home. This CNC router Carver will surely make your homemade woodworking projects stand out as truely Awesome. If you can design can be transferred to wood with one simple push of a buttom. 

The CNC Homemade Machine plan Comes with full instruction, access to video instruction and all type of woodworking tips. 

All instantly downloaded to you home device of your choice. 

And Best....100% Satisfaction guarantee!

How to Build a Unique Custom Kitchen Island Unlike your friends or Neigh...

In this video you'll learn how to build a custom unique kitchen Island unlike the traditional kitchen islands found in your friend or family members Homes.

Utilizing a simple plan you can create an island that allows for full functioning of both sides  of the island without creative an overly large depth.

Wall cabinet build up and modification is an easy process to provide a custom look and function without the custom price associated.

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Kitchen island cabinet ideas

There are many different ways to design a functioning Island in your new kitchen.

In this video that I've included we show a 6-foot by 4-foot Island with a matching countertop constructed prior to laminate.

This particular Island was constructed with two 36 in cabinets which are at 36 inch height with the countertop and 24 in deep which is a standard base cabinet.

To provide functioning from front and back side of the island with cabinets that open and operate with shelving we used a 30 in wall cabinet which is a thin profile of 12 in in depth to match the height of a island we constructed a 4 and 3/8 in frame platform and recessed it back 3 in and reflect a kick toe.

Once fully assembled the height of wall cabinets will be 34 and a half prior to the countertop.

What we've accomplished here is a double sided Island that functions without the need to purchase an order a custom fabricated cabinet the cabinet now represent 6 ft long by 3 ft and width with a 1 foot extension overhang for stool location on the aisle. Prior to completion a matching skirt panel will be added to the left and right side which will hide the assembly scene and provide the appearance of one large custom manufactured cabinet. You can see the video below here

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Online pdf Furniture project plans for the DIY woodworking

Make wood furniture of all types. Fully downloadable complete plans to build all type of furniture. From outdoor furniture to bedroom chest and vanities.

If you enjoy DIY building projects then you'll certainly love furniture plans online.

Select from hundreds of done for you plans which are completed in full revealing techniques and methods for production and making your project.

Be the Envy of all with these attractive projects that you can make for home as gifts or to sell outright for-profit. Furniture plans online for complete professional furniture plans

How to Resurface and refinish a Bathtub and Shower Ceramic tile Bathroom...

Tub and tile refinishing on a budget

his is an easy affordable way to update your bathroom. You must follow the direction to the letter in order to achieve the best possible results.

I have used this system serveral times and found that the most difficult areas to to refinish have been where caulk residue has remained.

So , In addition to there direction I have also performed a Laquor Scrub by buying 1 small can of Laquor, great for cleaning, and scrubing down the areas that had been caulked. This will remove any left over residual caulk that you cannot see.

Good Luck, Please contact me regarding any DIY help you may have.


Custom porcelain walk in shower with custom wet bed

Custom porcelain walk in shower

This custom shower was designed and replicated from a magazine drawing supplied by the homeowner.

The overall size of the walk in shower is seven and a half feet by 4 foot in depth.

The shower is large enough that an access entry can accommodate 32in without the use of a swing door to prevent water from exiting the shower.

The wet bed base measures 7 and 1/2 feet.
Carpentry and plumbing modifications
Rough set up of tile board and wet bed
The shower was assembled using porcelain tile 12 in by 24 in laid horizontally with a step skip pattern.

A wall box for soaps and shampoos was installed between the wall studs with the addition of the matching border at a 6ft level to break up the pattern and accent the matching floor.
Custom porcelain bench seat

A custom bench was fabricated prior to tile measuring 30 in by 14 inch which contains a slight quarter inch pitch to allow for water drainage off of the top of it.
Finished porcelain shower showing walk entrance and wet bed floor completed

Therma-Tru fiberglass Double Entry prehung door

New installation of six foot Therma-Tru fiberglass Double Entry front doors.

This new entry door system was installed in approximately 6 hours from start to finish and features the light we quality of fiberglass foam filled to meet Peak Energy Efficiency and also offers an attractive exterior rustic wood look.
Because this is a custom install door which measures at 73 and 1/2 in wide the existing opening had to be slightly modified by reducing left and right number one Jack studs buy quarter of an inch each way this allows for full clear installation of the door with additional room to properly insulate using fiberglass insulation.
The exterior is then completed by adding custom aluminum-clad rapping over the existing manufacturers brick molding.
Double entry doors are specialty door and every measure should be taken to ensure a level plum and properly aligned installation.
Because of the bulk weight of the door unit I recommend removing left and right operating panels from the manufacturer's pre-hung Jamb. Then the box frame provided by the manufacturer can be easily installed and manipulated to 90% perfection. Once the door jamb is properly installed the left and right operating door panels can then be reattached for a dry run or demo test of the installation of the jamb.
Once the door panels are reinstalled Minor Adjustments or tweaks two level flush and plane can be accomplished to ensure maximum utility of the door and to ensure through shaming that the door tolerances are that of the manufacturers expectations to provide an airtight closure.
Once your adjustments and tweaks are completed you may send home any fasteners to permanently Mount the frame and then insulating and finishings applied to the door.
For detailed tutorial on how to install any double door were any prehung exterior door please follow the YouTube link below as this easy 10 step guide will make any door you install operate perfectly every time.

therma tru double fiberglass doors

How to choose a local Home Improvement contractor

Where to start
There are several basic steps to follow to make sure you select the best reputable contractors in your area.
Most residential contractors will offer free estimates for your project in mind. Multiple estimates can assure you of the best possible price and the most competitive price for the work to be completed. When you do select a contractor for an estimate let them know that you are getting several estimates from other local contractors. This will prompt the estimator to be realistic and pricing and quotes.
Where to start before selecting for estimates
First thing you should look at is who was in the local community. The first reason why is if it is local work and the contractor does not mind working in his hometown then this shows that the contractor does professional work is very reputable and typically his customers know where he lives.
In my hometown I have 52 customers who repeatedly call on my services time and time again and frequently ride by my home gesturing hello and occasionally popping in when I'm out front doing work.
Other reasons to try to stay with a local contractor are ease of access to the work which decreases overall time for the contractor. The contractors took would be on friendlier terms with the local building code inspector. Also contractor references are more readily available in the form of  calling of Prior customer or driving by for a visual of the contractors recent works. This is great if you're seeking siding gutters Roofing concrete or any exterior related work.
What should I look for in a contractor
As well as the information above several other areas of concern should be looked at period
One would be is the contractor registered. Most States including my home state of New Jersey any persons performing work in a residential home valued at more than $500 must be registered with the state Department of Consumer Affairs.
Most states have adopted this registration process in an attempt to eliminate fraud and deception among contractors. We've all heard the stories on the news regarding hit-and-run contractors who collect deposits then never show up to do the work or leave when it's half done.
In addition to registration Most states require that the contractor be insured with the minimum expectation prior to being eligible to submit registration forms. Nevertheless always ask if they're insured and should you select later make sure you have a copy of that contractors insurance binder.
Another area of concern is money. What what is the fee schedule for the estimate submitted. So when you interview your contractor for a free estimate please indicate to them that you would like a breakdown of deposit and any intermediate payment request and balance do schedule at the end of the job.
A typical breakdown of payment
Many contractors will breakdown the scheduled payments in following way.
1/3 - contract than 1/3 during Midway which should be established in your contract then 1/3 third balance upon completion and a big factor here is that completion is upon local Municipal inspection of building code. Too many times homeowners have paid balance in full at the end of a job without the final inspection from the local municipality only to find that there's difficulty getting the contractor back to complete an issue or changing issue that may have failed inspection. Always protect yourself and get it in writing up front.
Many smaller jobs might require a slightly different fee schedule. For example a job that may only cost $900. On that job a contractor may ask for a 50% deposit. We're like many contractors 0 deposit balance due upon completion.
Just remember when receiving estimates and selecting estimates sometimes it's not all about the money. For instance you may like one contractor over another because you're more comfortable with that person however that person's estimate may be slightly higher than the prior estimate. Beware of the low ballers. Sometimes low ballers are unrealistic and their pricing which may attract your purse but beware there may be issues once they're inside your home.
At the same time Beware of the over expensive contractor. Some contractors follow of belief that everything they quote is high and it's just a numbers game. The more quotes that are out there the more jobs that are accepted at the higher rate.
Will the individual that you were meeting be performing the work. This question is asked and sometimes left off the table. Very important to establish this from the get-go. Once you have selected an individual to perform your work if that individual isn't present daily during the work there can be a lot of misinterpreted information passed between the estimator and his workers. Secondly when the owner of the construction company is there performing your work daily the expectation and professional results are increased as a direct reflection of his credibility and skill. This is first-hand information coming from my mouth to your ears as I have and still experience the same issue within my own company. No one works like the owner of the company.
These are the basic key points to start yourself out When selecting a local contractor.
Once you have shopped the estimates and selected my contractor
Okay congratulations. You did your due diligence and you shop the estimates and based on all estimates you've selected the best one to fit your budget and to get the work performed in the way that you would like.
Now it's time to sign up period
In your agreement to remodel also known as your contract you should have several key issues starting as follows.
The contract specifically spells out names of all parties. It should have specific start and end time. Should have a breakdown a fee schedule with an area for endorsement for payment. It should dictate conduct of the contractor for an example disposal cleanliness container placements yard signs in a typical schedule breakdown of when they are supposed to be there and when they are not supposed to be there period
A detailed explanation of what is being installed how it's being installed the quality of the component any warranty implied of the components.
There should also be a detailed paragraph providing warranty of the contractor's work itself. An example would be two years 5 years or lifetime warranty. Generally other terms and conditions throughout the contract protect you and the contractor.
Thank you for previewing the blog don't forget to sign up with your email for additional free articles and blog updates. Good luck with your project period

Home Improvement Remodeling Plan...?

Vinyl Replacement Windows Contractors Installing Double Hungs Replacement Windows

Cedar deck construction

Custom Cedar Decking

Mt. Laurel NJ Cedar deck over pt Wood Platform

newly constructed cedar deck 16 by 24 foot of the cross custom cedar construction over pressure treated frame final treatment was semi-transparent Cedar tone total project time 6days

Finished Staining was semi-transparent CWF water Bases Stain. Total amount of Stain product used was 3 Gal. 

how to install dura ceramic tile floor to any room easy direction

Dura Ceramic by 

Congoleum Products 

DuraCeramic? DuraCeramic is an innovative product that gives you the look of ceramic tile without the negative aspects of tile. DuraCeramic is a resilient limestone based tile that gives you the ease of maintenance like a resilient floor and the limestone gives it the strength that you desire. Several different manufactures are now producing similar looking products but the limestone base creates a durable product that can not be compared to inferior products.    

Watch the video for easy installation tips and procedures.

When you are ready to purchase flooring, consider contacting us if you have found this information useful. Because we are independent from any manufacture, including Congoleum, we can provide you unbiased information based on our tests and opinions. Working closely with DuraCeramic Distributors we are able to provide you with a quality product and a great price. However, this web site is for research, information, color and pattern selection.

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